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Academic Achievers


What is the Academic Achievers Program?   


This program offers an academically challenging curriculum based on creative thinking and problem solving. Students in this program are highly motivated and they have high expectations of themselves. Teachers in this program are not expected to deal with behaviour management issues and students in the program are not expected to have to deal with interruptions and distractions from fellow students.


This is NOT a traditional Extension program, where all students are excellent at English or Maths for example. Students in this class will have a mix of talents and abilities – some may excel at English, but may find Science does not come easily, whereas others have a flair for Maths, but need to work more in SOSE. What differentiates the students in this program is the desire to be challenged to become the best he/she can be. 

Our aim:  

  • To offer academically talented students opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge at a faster rate and to build skills in areas in which they may have potential.

  • To encourage students to pursue their dreams, developing the personal and intellectual qualities they need to excel.   

Would it suit my student?  

  • The student needs to be highly motivated, with high expectations of themselves.

  • Neither teachers nor students are expected to have to deal with inappropriate interruptions and distractions from fellow students. Good behaviour and participation to the best of their ability is expected.

  • The student group will have a mix of talents and abilities - what unites them is the desire to be challenged. 

Entrance to the Program: 

  • Submit a 'consideration for enrolment Academic Achievers' form, together with a completed enrolment pack at Open Day. Check our school website calendar   or phone our Enrolment Officer to confirm dates. 

  • Year 6 into Year 7 students complete the Academic Achievers' Entrance Exam. This exam is usually held in May of each year. You will need to register your interest for this exam on Open Day at the Academic Achievers stand.

  • Scholarships are awarded each year for Academic Achievers' at the descretion of the Principal. These are allocated on the basis of results in the exam that is held in May. Later applications cannot be considered for Scholarships.

  • School reports are taken into consideration.


Who can join?  

  • Students who have achieved high academic results at their Primary School. 

  • By recommendation or referral from School Principal. 

  • Special consideration can be given in some circumstances e.g. interstate and overseas students.  


We work with students to develop important competencies that they will need for life after school, based on the work of psychologist and educator, Howard Gardner.

  1. Developing disciplinary thinking: mastering the major ways of thinking in a journey towards expertise in at least one thing. This involves the intellectual disciplines of the school curriculum.
  2. Developing a synthesising mind: putting information together in ways that are coherent and that make sense to you. It requires reflective thinking and the ability to communicate with others.

  3. Nurturing creativity, which requires mastery in at least one discipline – ‘in order to think outside the box, you have to have the box!’ It also requires the development of the personality, temperament and cognitive powers to by creative and the willingness to take risks.

  4. Learning to be respectful – recognising diversity, understanding others, tolerance and learning what practices can enhance respect.

  5. Learning to be ethical, including our responsibilities as a citizen, the different roles we fulfil and the proper ways to fulfil those roles and responsibilities.

"Intelligence plus character - that is the true goal of education."
 Martin Luther King, Jr.