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Immerse IT

The Immerse IT program at Sandgate District State High School is designed to make technology integral to the delivery and assessment of the core curriculum areas: English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities.

This may include:

  • Changes in assessment requirements
  • eLearning spaces – 24/7 learning
  • Additional opportunity to use electronic devices in the learning context (ie Science sensors/monitors, Graphics Calculators, GPS, etc.)

Using ICTs as an effective tool for learning and provides all students with the opportunity to become competent, discriminating, creative and productive users of ICT.

Using ICT to develop KLA knowledge and skills:

  • Supports student achievement and consolidation of the Essential Learning.

  • Enables ways of working and learning, through authentic and challenging tasks, that are not possible or are less efficient without technologies

  • Stimulates student engagement in learning.

Developing knowledge and skills in the use of ICT: 

  • Provides the capacity to select and use ICT to inquire, create, and communicate with others

  •  Increases understanding of the impact of ICT on society, including potential risks to health and safety

  • Enables students more flexible access to teacher support (email, online classrooms)

  • Enables students to engage in lessons which are topical and student interest driven.

  • Develops flexibility through a repertoire of skills that can be selected for different demands and can be recombined and built upon to meet new challenges.

In addition, the social benefits of Immerse IT include: 

  • Learning the responsibility of caring for the equipment

  • Being part of a specialist group contributing to student’s self-esteem.

Students will also have the opportunity to select a specialist ICT subject in Year 8, which will give the student the opportunity to explore ICTs in their learning context and develop specific skills in producing assessment with an ICT focus.

It is expected that the laptop devices will be used between 30-60% of class time. Access to a dedicated device in the classroom is only one aspect of the curriculum, however the benefits of regular, impulsive and flexible access to technology results in a student who is generally more engaged with their own learning.


Students in years 7-9 will:
  • Develop advanced ICT skills

  • Use, apply and critically evaluate ICT in the context of core KLAs

  • Become confident and skilled communicators.

Selection criteria

Students are selected into the program based primarily on their effort and behaviour results. This is determined using the evidence presented by parents (such as report cards and references from teachers) and the professional judgment of a selection committee. The maximum size class size is 28 students and places cannot be offered beyond this number.

There is a $250 fee per year for access to a take home laptop, and parents must be able to meet this cost for the student to remain in the program. This will allow students to be issued with a school owned laptop which will be on loan to the student 24/7 for the entire course.


Applying to be in the Year 7 Immerse IT program takes place during the Year 6 enrolment process and the following steps need to be followed:

Step One

Complete the expression of interest form. This ensures that the enrolment interview is performed by either the HOD IT or an Immerse IT teacher.

Step Two

Bring the following documentation to the enrolment interview:

  • Latest Year 7 Report card

  • Reference from Year 7 teacher/Principal

Step Three

Students will be considered for possible placement in the Immerse IT program by a selection committee.

The HOD of IT will inform all applicants of whether or not they were successful in gaining a position in the Immerse IT program. There may be more than one round of offers depending on whether all applicants accept their offers. The maximum class size is 28, and all unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Places that become available will be filled from this list following the selection criteria described above.

Step Four

Parents of successful applicants will then decide whether to take up the offer. If the offer is accepted a laptop will be prepared for that student, and an invoice for $250 will be generated. This annual fee of $250 is required before the device can be issued early in Year 7.