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Year 7, 8 and 9

Junior Science & Maths   (=CRIMS)

Both Science and Maths have adopted the Australian Curriculum.

With ever-increasing overlap of concepts and interdependence between Maths and Science disciplines, the decision was taken in 2011 to create a merged Science and Maths Department. This has allowed the two departments to develop integrated units that allow for cross-curricular learning. This reduces the compartmentalization of knowledge and skills that is often seen in students. The two subjects still have distinct classes which allow a clear subject focus to occur even while the units are integrated.

The composition of the units is always under review and refinement.

Assessments are constructed to lead students to develop solutions for real-life, often global problems using their learned skills and knowledge in Science and Maths.​​

Year 10

Science: Units that focus on the four main disciplines of Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Earth Science.

Maths: The Australian Curriculum requires Maths to have a distinct curriculum.


           Maths A, B, C Preparation Courses

Year 11 and 12

Science in practice

Extra-curricular opportunities

Year 7, 8 and 9

National Science competition​

QLD institute of medical research

Year 10

Brisbane culinary​ challenge​​

Year 11 and 12

National youth Science forum
RACI Chemistry competition
Link days with QUT
Titration competition