Parent teacher communication


Parents and community members play an important role in their children's education and a strong partnership between parents and schools enriches the learning experience.

There are many both formal and informal opportunities for parents to find out about their children's progress at school:

Reports on student performance

All schools provide parents with a written report on their child's performance at least twice a year.

School annual reports

All schools publish an annual report on the school's website by the 30th June each year for the previous year. 


Many schools produce regular newsletters to inform parents, caregivers and the community about school activities, developments and initiatives. Parents and the community members are able to subscribe to the newsletter.


Schools often communicate about specific issues by way of a letter.

Email and Phone calls

Schools often communicate about specific issues by way of a email or phone call. 

Personal appointments

Parents are encouraged to meet with any staff member at a mutually convenient time at their child's school to discuss relevant issues and concerns. Every school offers parent-teacher interviews each semester.

Parent-teacher nights

Schools often hold parent-teacher nights at the start of the year to discuss class or year programs with parents. There are also other opportunities, such as parent-teacher interviews to talk about issues or concerns, and to ask how children are performing and progressing at school.


Sandgate DSHS hosts a Facebook page to celebrate our students and deliver another update information stream for parents.

To like our Facebook page, visit Sandgate DSHS Official Facebook page

Student Absences Text Messages

Parents are contacted via text message when a student is recorded as absent at the start of the school day.

QParents Website/App

The QParents website and mobile phone application will allow parents of Queensland state school students to access information about their child and to communicate directly with their school.

It will give you secure online access to information such as:

  • attendance details
  • report cards
  • timetables
  • invoices
  • payment details.

For more information visit QParents website.​

Currently available on IPhone apps, to be released on Andriod apps soon.

QSchools App

The QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from Queensland state schools.​

The app integrates with the department's preferred school website platform, allowing users to:

  • find and favourite your school by searching for the school by name, searching a map or by searching for schools near your current location
  • receive real-time notifications about state-wide emergency alerts as well as school push notifications and important updates through the app
  • access the latest news, events and newsletters from your school
  • easily access your schools tuckshop and uniform shop information
  • view information about your school including class times and contact details
  • view social media feeds.

The app can manage updates from multiple schools which is useful for parents who have students in different schools.

School Website 

The school website contains important information about the school.

Last reviewed 28 May 2020
Last updated 28 May 2020