Junior secondary


​​​​​Junior Secondary

The Junior Secondary program at Sandgate District State High School is based around supporting each individual student to develop personally and academically, and enabling them to  them find their place within the larger school context-Expanding Their Horizons- into the senior  phase of schooling. At Sandgate DSHS, we offer an extensive range of programs; these enable the differentiated support and extension of students, and allow students to achieve their best and explore their passion areas.  

Transition to high school is assisted by offering:

  • Experiential day in December for Year 6 coming into Year 7.
  • Year 7 Camp held in late February or early March each year.
  • Year 7 only identified playground area. 
  • Specialist junior transition staff who work with junior school students.    

Junior Secondary Staff 2022

Sandgate have a number of staff who are committed to ensuring each student is supported through their time at school. At Sandgate the following people are important for your student to know:   

Deputy Principal Year 7                                                 Mr Neil Dargusch.

Deputy Principal Year 8                                                 Ms Erin Geddes.   

Deputy Principal Year 9                                                  Mrs Rachel O'Connor

Head of Department Junior Secondary                      

Year 7 Coordinator                                                         Mr Jordan Vass.

Year 8 Coordinator                                                         Mrs Rob Smith.

Year 9 Coordinator                                                         Mrs Jo Nichol.

HOSES                                                                               Mrs Leonie Turnbull (M-Th)​.

                                                                                           Mrs Harjit Kaur (F).

Guidance Officer                                                             Ms Brooke Roza.

Sports Coordinator                                                         Mr Billy Senior.​

Subject and Curriculum Organisation

Students must study one subject from each of the eight mandated key learning areas during Years 7, 8 and 9:

  • English.

  • Mathematics.

  • Science.

  • Humanities.

  • Health & Physical Education.

  • The Arts; Art, Music, Drama.

  • Industrial Technology & Design, Food Studies, Inform​ation Technology.

  • Languages; Japanese and German.

As student's progress from Years 7 to 8 the following applies.

  •  HPE is studied by all students through to 9, as part of core studies.

  •  Science, English, Mathematics and Humanities in Years 7, 8 and 9.

  •  Humanities that are studied in Years 7, 8, 9 include History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship Education, and Business and Economics.

  •  Students must select a language; Japanese or German in Years 7 and 8. From Year 9, students may choose to continue Japanese or German or select another elective.

  • In the Arts, students will undertake a foundation study in all strands; Art, Drama, Dance, Music. In Year 8 students will select 1 of the Arts subjects per Semester and Year 9 they may choose up to 2 strands including Media Arts.   

  • In Technology subjects, students will undertake foundation study of all strands: DIG (Digital Information), Food Studies and Industrial Technology and Design. In Year 8 students will select 1 of these subjects per Semester and in Year 9 students will choose 1.

Last reviewed 17 June 2022
Last updated 17 June 2022