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​​​Queensland Certificate of Education

At the end of Year 12, students who successfully complete their Year 11 and 12 studies will be eligible for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

To be awarded a QCE, students must complete a minimum of 20 credit points from a combination of courses including:

  • core—the senior school subjects most students study
  • preparatory—can include vocational education and training (VET) courses
  • enrichment—courses that develop high level skills and knowledge in a specific area
  • advanced—can include university courses and diploma or advance diploma programs.

Students must also meet minimum literacy and numeracy requirements. 

For greater detail regarding credit points, please visit the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority website at   


Sandgate recognises that students have different needs in pursuing their careers and we offer a range of subjects to cater for vocational or tertiary study pathways.  To review subject offerings, please see the current Subject Selection Handbook.

Year 11 and 12 students will be required to select six school-based subjects or five school-based subjects plus an off-site recognised vocational course. These subjects will be selected during the SET planning process that occurs in Term 3, Year 10.

University Pathways

Tertiary institutions, such as universities, determine offers for degrees, diplomas and certificates by using student’s Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).  

A large variety of General subjects are offered to students who wish to pursue tertiary studies beyond Year 12.  For students completing Year 12 in 2020 and beyond, ATARs will be calculated using Unit 3 and 4 results.  All General subjects will require students to sit an external exam at the end of Year 12.

To find out more information regarding the structure of the new QCE system visit,

Vocational Pathways

Students who are wanting to enter the workforce directly after school have a range of subjects that support their direct entry.  A vocational pathways student’s timetable often contains a combination of Applied subjects and VET courses. A selection of Certificate II and III and diplomas are offered at the school.  See the Vocational Education page for further details.  Furthermore, the school supports completion of school-based traineeships and apprenticeships.

Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA)

In order to qualify for adjustments due to health conditions or other occurrences that may affect a student’s capacity to complete assessment by due dates, documentation must be completed. Please see Sandgate’s AARA Policy for further details.

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 181436_AARA_Medical_report_form_v9_fm 127KB


Year 10-12 1:1 laptop program

The 1:1 student laptop computer program will mean that students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are required to have a laptop to complete school work. This can be in either of the following forms:

  • to be a part of a take home laptop program (school purchased), OR
  • to  bring their own devices (BYOD) - available Year 10-12.

This program responds to our ever changing global working environment and gives our students the tools and knowhow to allow them to succeed. Today’s high school students are the first to be born into a world that has seen full digital technology as a standard, not a luxury.  As a school, we need to exploit this connectivity to ensure we deliver learning anywhere and anytime. We need to challenge students to engage and learn in ways we have not used before.

Our Goal

Our goal is to free families from the growing technological and financial demands in providing the latest and greatest. Our 1:1 student laptop computer program will provide current technology at a very affordable price, while providing cutting edge learning experiences.


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